Wednesday, 7 December 2011


I have been looking for a polish that would look opalescent, which in my mind means that it should be

  • sheer, but buildable
  • not too peachy, not too pink, not too yellow
  • leaning towards white, but not too stark/contrasting to my skin colour 
and after a lot of disappointments I finally found what I was looking for in Color Club - Oh my Versailles! and how I adore it! I was drawn to it cause of the name since the Palace of Versailles is one of my favourite places to be, and I was so happy it was exactly what I was hoping it would be.

This is four layers of it with the flaky beauty of Nubar - 2010 on top.
Natural light

Fluorescent light

Along came my darling Manglaze - Matte-Astrophe to make everything perfect!!

And here's a couple of pictures from my visit in Versailles. One from behind the Belvedere and the statue of Eros in the garden near the Trianon.


  1. I never would have thought of puting a matte finish on that polish. HHowever, it looks awrsome.

    1. Being adventurous with colours and textures pays off most of the time and if you don't like it with a matte topcoat, you can always apply a glossy topcoat and revert it back to its glossy style! Thanks for stopping by! And sorry for the seemingly late reply, I just noticed that instead of replying I had made another comment *facepalm*


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