Thursday, 25 February 2016

Rustic floral with a slate blue Annie Paris polish

Continuing the journey through discovering nail polish companies available in Greece I came across Annie Paris. This is the first polish from this brand that I got and, again, I am amazed. This amazing slate blue was perfect in one coat and it stayed perfect the whole four days I wore it. It's so pigmented I might try stamping with it. 
Anyway, here is what I used for the mani in detail:
base: Elixir - Calcium Milk Gel
base colour: Annie Paris - 486
stamping plate DRK-C
stamping colour Konad white
top coats Elixir - Diamond Top Coat Fast Dry & Seche Vite
I'll leave you with a beautiful song that has a suitable title for this mani. Colours and music should go together even if it's unusual to match your music to your mani ;)


Thursday, 18 February 2016

Retrofuturistic Dreams with Gabrini 49, Stargazer Chrome 236 & Born Pretty L005

There are so many small cosmetics brands available in Greece and I am slowly trying to discover them all. Today's post is for one such brand, Gabrini. 

I don't think I have found yet a yellow nail polish that applies as well as other colours (I think that's an issue with all yellow pigments), but with careful use of the brush this polish looked perfect in two layers. What has impressed me most though is how good this polish actually is. I took the pictures on the 4th day of wearing it and it still looks perfect! There's only so much a base&topcoat can do and I just didn't expect such a result from a polish I spent a grand total of 1€ to get. Absolute bargain! I am definitely going to get more! 

base Elixir Fast Dry Multi Active Hardener 
Gabrini 3D 49 (2 layers)
stamping plate Born Pretty L005
stamped with Stargazer Chrome Polish 236
topcoat Seche Vite

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