Monday, 9 April 2012

Beauty tips: How to Find Which Colours Suit Your Eye Colour

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One of the most commonly asked questions you hear women ask with regards to eye make up is "what colours suit me". Personally I subscribe to the 'all of the colours could suit you depending on how you use them' school, but some people need to know what the complementary colour to their eyes is. 

According to colour theory the complementary colours are:

  • green and red
  • blue and orange
  • purple and yellow.

The usual response to this information is this: 0_0. Here is a very easy way to figure out the exact complementary colours to your eye colour. Take a picture of your eye, as close as as you can -please, be sensible and don't use flash for this- and invert the colours in the picture. If you're using a photo-processing program then you probably know how to do this, but even if you don't and are using Windows, there's still an easy way to do this.
 1.Right-click on the image and select 'open with Paint'
 2.When the 'Paint' program opens your image select 'Image' on the top bar
 3.Select 'Invert Colours' and you're done!!

Here's an example of my picture
Inverted colour

I have light brown eyes and in my inverted colours image I can see that my complimentary colours are turquoise to dark blue. The easiest way to emphasize the darker shades of brown in my eyes then would be to wear turquoise colours around my eyes and if I want to emphasize the lighter brown shades I should wear dark blue, whether that is eye shadow, eyeliner or even mascara. 

Are the colours you find using this method the only colours that have that effect on your eyes? Most certainly not; lip colour, other colours around the eyes and blusher can be equally effective, but this is only a beginner's method so that you can start understanding colour and the effect it can have.

I hope it helped a little bit! Good luck trying it!


  1. Thanks for the tip! I will definitely try it!

    1. It would be very exciting to see with your eye colour!

  2. I tried it! Dark purple (closer to dark blue) and grey are the negative colours for me.

    1. Try them then! It doesn't have to be just eye make up, you could wear a scarf or a top that colour and see what effect it has!

  3. I always thought that if I wore colours similar to my eye-colour, then my eyes would look more vivid.

    1. As I said, there's many colours that actually suit us and that will have different effect on how the eye colour looks. The complementary colours just bring your eyes out the most.

      The issue with eyeshadow is that if you have really light eyes like grey, light blue or green, and you wear an eyeshadow that is as light (the same tone) as your eyes, it kind of washes out your eye colour . If it's darker, then it's fine. Try it and see. This is not usually a problem with brown and generally dark eyes.

      It's not so much a problem with clothes because there's quite a distance between your eyes and your clothes and there's other colours inbetween.

  4. It's so interesting and so true. I've always found that the Aromaleigh eyeshadow in Colette (a smoked purple with aqua sparks) is what was flattering my eyes the most. I tried your method and the negative color of my eyes is exactly like the smoked purple of Colette. How magic?

    1. Yay! I'm glad it helped! Colour theory can do magic on people. I want to get a book (and then another one and another one) and read more about it.

  5. I did it!
    It seems like my olive greens are suited best with rusty brown (red base) color!
    I think this is right on!
    Thank you for the tip!;-)


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