Saturday, 26 November 2011

Bronze Green Perfection

I was looking for a green polish that has the quality of oxidized bronze/copper. I have always found that green-blue mix of colours captivating and fascinating. In fact I want an enormous garden with baroque bronze statues that I can run around and be happy forever. These colours will add to the beauty of the garden!

Trying to find that quality in a nail polish is hard, but at least I managed to find the right green. Here it is next to a bronze necklace I bought from asos.  This is two coats of Mavala 155 Bronze Green stamped with that beige/yellow/gold polish I mentioned here and a design from konad plate m15 and Seche Vite top coat.

Mavala polishes are of great quality, however I find that most people (including myself) are discouraged by the current price they are asked to pay in most shops for the quantity (£4.10 for 5ml). I was so lucky to find these in beautybay for just £3. I hope they don't change the price any time soon. 


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