Monday, 7 November 2011

The End of Autumn: Ciaté - Strictly Legal

Ciaté's Strictly Legal is as gorgeous as burgundy colours can get. I don't know why they describe it as a purple on the sight, it looks burgundy to me. The only time you can see hues of purple is when you aply the first layer, but then it changes to this dark beauty. It has tiny golden shimmer particles which you can clearly see in the bottle. On the nail they are much more discreet and sparse and look from slightly pinkish to golden.

Pairing it with gold for stamping was a no-brainer really and they look amazing together. I only wish I could take better pictures to show exactly how pretty they look. It looks like a  mediaeval embroidery piece to me and I always turn to the mediaeval style when it gets chilly!

I also love this Bundle Monster design for this sort of half nail stamping. You'll probably see it often!

A comparison between this and China Glaze's Side Saddle here.

Natural light (shade)

Articificial light

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