Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Cool Dark Green: Nails Inc - Foubert's Place

Back in winterland now I wanted something greyish, but not grey (is it making any sense? haha). Along comes Nails Inc - 470 Foubert's Place to satisfy my craving. It is a very greyed out dirty khaki cream and it dries greyer on the nail than it looks in the bottle. Compared to my other greens and khakis, it looks brownish grey. I think it is the green version of $OPI's Metro Chic. FP is as greenish as MC is purplish and both seem so dirty-pretty. As one would expect, it's very difficult to photograph it. I did my best though!

The application was dreamy and the brush is excellent! In this picture I haven't done a clean up around my nails and I am not usually that good at not making a mess of my cuticles!

Of course this called for a stamping session. I wanted to continue the mediaeval theme and picked a luxurious looking golden stamping polish that I have from Konad. In the bottle it's camel/beige with pretty little yellow to light green shimmer particles. I used Bundle Monster plate BM203 for this one. 

Close up of the shimmer in the bottle. It wasn't too apparent when I stamped it, but as soon as I put on a top coat it came to life! It's brilliant!


  1. How do you do the stamping, exactly? Is there some sort of a cutout that you paint over?

    Lovely designs btw! All of them! Keep posting!

  2. Thank you!! I'll send you a link to explain how it works. It's really easy!


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