Saturday, 12 November 2011

Purple Nails: Mononoke's Kusuri Uri

It's geeky time! Following a discussion I had earlier with some friends I was reminded of one of my favourite characters from an animation horror series, Mononoke(モノノ怪)'s Kusuri Uri (薬売り), the Medicine Seller. He is a sort of mysterious psychic detective and amongst other things that add up to make this character amazing, he also sports purple nails and I haven't done purple nails in quite a while so ...

I didn't want to do plain purple though so I did an accent nail where I tried to paint freehand a pattern from his kimono. Here it is: 

The breakdown
OPI - Parlez-vous OPI?
The greenish background is a custom mix of equal parts of Misa - Dirty, Sexy, Money and OPI - Mermaid's tears.
H&M - Moody model (the teal)
Etude House - yellow
The red was a custom mix of Ciate - 138 Snatch and a bit of white. Green cancels red sο it really needed something to make it stand out and a little bit of white was just it. I also picked an orange-based red becuase I didn't want the addition of white to make it look pinkish.  

Too bad the top coat dragged the design a bit! I hope you like it!


  1. Ohhhh!!! Love love love! *___________* btw I have the same colour.... /idea

  2. Just do it! And report back *(^-^)*

  3. κουσούρι δεν λες τίποτα !!
    Τέλεια τα νύχια με εμπνέεις να κάνω anti post :P ίσως μια μέρα που δεν θα βαριέμαι θα κάνω ένα απο τα σχέδια σου και θα τα ανεβάσω στο blog μου να πεθάνεις στο γέλιο απο την κακοτεχνία!!


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