Saturday, 12 November 2011

Things to Avoid on Evilbay: Nail Art Pens and Pump Dispensers

I do a lot of my polish shopping online and a few times I've given in to buying the ridiculously cheap stuff on ebay to try them out. I think these two have been my greatest disappointments that I can remember and I would strongly discourage anybody from buying them. They are a total waste of money. Both usually have to be sent from Hong Kong/China, but recently I have seen sellers base in the UK, USA and Germany sell them. 

Nail Art Pens
Honestly, they are the most f o u l smelling things you could ever get. I seriously doubt they are safe for your health and -no surprizes there- there is no list of ingredients to check. When I say foul, I don't just mean non 3-free nail polish smell. I mean the smelliest gas pump mixed with industrial strength glue with a bit of exhaust allure. I couldn't even stay in the room when I opened one for the first time, I could feel whatever I inhaled when I opened it for quite a few minutes after. I considere my health far too precious and I am not an asphyxiation enthousiast so I thew them away and -frankly- I feel a bit guilty for having thus poluted the earth. 

Their quantity (they come in lotsof 12/24/60) and their cheap price might make you think that they are a bargain, but they are most definitely not. Your health is far more precious than cheap polish. 

Pump Nail Polish Remover Dispensers
They don't work. Not much to add there, really. I got two and neither worked. On one the pump wasn't working and on the other the remover was ending up anywhere but where it should be. The lids didn't sit properly on the bottle, too, which meant that it all evaporated pretty quickly. A major fail. I will just have to look around Sally's next time for something better.

I hope you've learned from my mistakes! Buy some glitter, throw it around and pretend you are dancing with  Jareth instead! 

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