Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Illusive Puce Couleur

I hadn't realized I have a favourite winter colour until I noticed that in my wardrobe the ruling colours(other than black) are all variations of the colour puce. In essence it means that they are too red to be plum, too purple/brown to be burgundy and when they are lighter, they are too cool and brown to be dusty pink. Puce(the French word for flea) is an illusive colour that ranges from dirty rose (belly of the flea) to reddish brown with a bit of purple(back of the flea). If you click on the pretty image, you'll get to read some interesting things about the colour that was the height of fashion in the 18th century!
Not many puce coloured polishes are around at the moment since taupes and lilacs is more in fashion. There are "dirty" roses around, but they lean too much towards mauve. I do have two little jems in my collection though that are "puce" enough to make me happy. The first one is Nubar - Mystic Romance;it is a very light dirty rose with the finest lilac sheen. In the bottle you can also see a little green and a little gold, but those colours don't translate on the nail. On the nail it looks like a flattering dirty pink that has a light glow, sort of like the elves in Lord of the Rings. I know it sounds weird, but it is beautiful and the fluorescent lamp on my desk doesn't do it justice.

Excuse the burn mark on my index. Morning porridge accident. 

The next day I decided to stamp it with an arabesque design from the Bundle Monster plate BM20 and I used a medium puce colour, CND - Muddy Rose. Actually 'muddy rose' could be an alternative name to puce and it sounds a lot better that 'well fed flea colour'. Here it is

And to end this rather baroque post, some music!

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