Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Orly - Buried Alive (Dark Shadows Collection)

Recently Orly brought out a small collection of polishes inspired by the film "Dark Shadows".I have yet to watch it, but I got excited about the collection nonetheless. I wasn't that crazy about the creams, but the shimmers seemed interesting so I went ahead and ordered them. 

'Buried Alive' is a brown shimmer. In the picture it looked a bit more interesting than in real life I'm afraid. I thought it was going to be a bit more 'lit from within' as a shade, but it's not. The base colour is a very yellowed out brown which brings to mind things that are unpleasant, even with a ton of shimmer in it, but it loses 'look' that when you apply more layers.

It's an ok shade, I didn't like it as much as I thought I would, but it has some major drawbacks. It requires more than two layers for full opacity, it's very runny and hard to avoid pooling around the cuticles as you can see in the pictures, and when you try to clean them up there's a slightly yellow stain left behind which doesn't go away unless you scrub-scrub-scrub. I'll try it again in Autumn, since it is a very autumnal shade, and maybe I'll like it better then. 

Artificial light
Natural light(overcast)

I tried comparing it to other brown shimmers I own, but I can't say it really looked like any of them.


  1. I've been eyeballing this shade, but I'm not such a brown fan that I can't wait 'till it goes to clearance at Sally's! lol

    But really, when did Oil of Olay make nail polish??

    1. I'm not a brown fan either, but I thought I would like this one. It's a pitty I don't! Definitely wait for a clearance sale for this one. I'll post a review for mysterious curse as well and things aren't all that better with that either. Such a shame!

      Oil of Olay polishes were available in the Uk till a few years ago, but they've stopped making them and I only find them in clearance sale shops or on line anymore. They used to make some pretty good colours, too!


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