Monday, 21 September 2015

Essie – Alligator Purse for Autumn

The autumnal equinox is this Wednesday which marks the official end of the summer and the start of autumn. I know everybody gets excited about autumn, but where I live it’s a bit impossible to be excited about autumn in the middle of July in the midst of a heat wave. Today is probably the first day that feels a bit autumnal here, chilly enough for a jacket and still pretty much sunny.

Alligator Purse (613)  is one of the unsung heroes of autumn by Essie. It is now part of the permanent line  thought it first came out in 2007, before the nail blogging world exploded making certain shades iconic and our list of ‘must-haves’ longer and longer. On the website it is described as: “this luxurious creamy burnt orange polish is the perfect couture accessory and your favorite(sic) new arm candy.”

To me it looks like a brownish red which it brings to mind 70s films like ‘Last Tango in Paris’ with its heavy orange hues. It dries a couple of shades darker than it looks in the bottle and when the light hits it it looks almost brick red. It’s a perfect autumnal shade!

I shall leave you with a beautiful song by Dusty Springfield about the end of the summer. I hope we all have a great autumn!


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