Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Flormar 392 Holographic Silver

I was waiting for a friend the other day and decided to pop into a Flormar store nearby to check out some polishes. They have a lot of polishes in many different colours and textures, but this baby grabbed my attention and I just couldn’t leave the store without it; the low price of just under 3€ helped, too.
Flormar 392 Holographic Silver (11ml) feels like there's a party happening your nails. It’s a scattered medium holographic glitter in a light grey base, so light in fact that you can use it as a top coat. In the pictures i've done three layers which are enough for a no VNL coverage. Unlike most holos, it can be used over any base coat and you can use any top coat you like over it without dampening its shine. If anything, I suggest you keep a top coat nearby when you’re wearing this cause after a couple of days of wear it seems to ‘drink up’ the top coat and the surface can feel slightly gritty. I had no issues with removing it either. The shimmer is so fine it gets removed like a normal polish.

The holographic effect is very strong under all kinds of light, sun or artificial. It looks like a very pale silver at all other times though it’s hard to grab that on camera. I don’t think I could love it any more. I am in my second week of wearing it which simply never happens and it is the reason I didn’t do a Halloween mani this year. I just didn’t want to take it off and I didn’t want to stamp it. Unbelievable!

In fact I like it so much I will get one for a giveaway I am planning to announce within the next fortnight or so! Stay tuned for the details!


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