Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My Summer Ombre: Red to Yellow

This is my 2nd day entry for the Lazy Days of Summer challenge, my summer ombre. Summer should ideally be hot so I chose hot, fiery colours for my ombre.

I did cheat a little bit though as I used three nail polishes instead of two. The red(thumb) is Creative Nail Design #431 House of Rebels, the orange (middle) is a custom mix I created last year when orange polishes were not as popular and the yellow is from Etude House.>

The pictures came out a bit funky coloured and I have no idea why. I tried to correct the colours a little bit, but I kind of like it. It looks a bit retro!


  1. Very cool, I need to try an ombre mani.

    1. Thank you! Try it out. I hadn't done an ombre mani before and it's more fun than I thought it would be.


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