Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lazy Days of Summer Challenge Day 5: Your favourite Towel

Time for the fifth day of the Lazy Days of Summer Challenge and the theme is 'your favourite towel'. Beach towels are supposed to be nice and colourful and fun, but I have none of those here since I never go to the beach. That leads to my next confession: when it comes to regular towels I prefer them to be all white because they look more pristine that way. On the other hand, I dislike using a lot of white polish cause it looks too stark. What is a girl to do now? 

I decided to do french-type manicure and -for the record- this is my first ever white-tipped french mani. I used 2 coats of my beloved Color Club - Oh My Versailles, then I stamped it with white Konad polish and Bundle Monster plate BM11, did another coat with Oh My Versailles to soften the white, topped it off with Seche Vite et voilà!
natural light (overcast OF COURSE, this is a british summer!)


  1. This is so delicate, like a wedding manicure

    1. I does look a bit like a wedding manicure, doesn't it? I hadn't thought of that!


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