Saturday, 6 April 2013

My Inner Monologue, Stargazer - 234, Sparitual - Body & BM201

Inner monologue
Thought no1: I really feel like doing something pink. How odd...
Thought no2: Why haven't I used my Stargazer Chromes as a base colour yet?
Thought no3: I really like this design, but the lines always come out too thick. Maybe if I tried stamping with a matte polish?

And here's the results! I did the swap in colours on the middle finger to show you how thick the lines on the design come out with a normal polish. I didn't use top coat over the matte stamping and the whole thing lasted flawlessly for the better part of the week. I think this is one of my favourite manis so far. I was looking at my nails so much when I had it on!
Stargazer - 234
Sparitual - Body
BM201 plate

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