Thursday, 4 April 2013

Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss: A Merry Bunny Return!

Dear readers,
I am so glad to be back from my long hiatus. I'm not going to blab about it , suffice to say life is a bit smoother now and I can resume posting regularly. Thank you to those of you who remained here and to those who sent me messages enquiring about my health. You are all such lovely people and I have been so excited all day today with the thought of writing and being part of the community again. I  have so many products, beauty secrets and ideas to share with you! Here it goes then... 

I thought I'd make a fun start with these little guys cause they crack me up every time I look at their faces. It's not often that you find cosmetics in the shape of anthropomorphic bunnies, therefore, it was almost obligatory to take the above picture with them looking like a gang of bandits. It's not the only reason I love the Tony Moly Petite Bunny Glosses though. They are actually really nice!
The ones I have at the minute are #3 Juicy Apple, #4 Juicy Cherry, #6 Juicy Orange, #7 Neon Orange and #8 Neon Yellow

According to thecompany's description they:
  • soften dead skin cells with strawberry essence. It is actually mentioned as 'saving you from the embarrassment of lines on the lips' (I am assuming they mean dry lips), there's nothing quite like shaming you into buying a product, right?
  • moisturise, smooth and soften your lips as they contain berry and grape essence,
  • give you shiny lips with a smooth colour ,
  • are rich in proteins that form a barrier to prevent moisture from escaping.
  • give a strong colour to your lips that doesn't fade easily.

This is how they arrive, with the little sticker where you can see their number;
they are full to the brim;
and this is what 2 grammes of this product look like.
And here's my thoughts on these little cuties:
  • They are wonderful little balms and they do soften the lips.
  • As with all balmy products they do tend to disappear after a few hours so you will need to re-apply during the day. Their cute shape makes reapplication a more fun experience.
  • They all have a slight fruity smell and taste, but not all have the same. None of them are too strong though.
  • The colours are not too strong, they are perfect for day wear or when you want something almost natural.My lips are quite pigmented so I am very happy with them.
  •  #3,#4 and #6 have a balmier texture, while #7 and #8 are glossier.
  • #8 is one of those colour changing lip balms that are all the rage in Korea. In the tube it looks yellow, but when it's on, it turns to a lovely soft peach. It's also the glossiest of the lot.
  • #4 is the least pigmented. You need to apply it a few times to show
  • #6 is the most pigmented and least glossy one. 
I've also swatched them for you. On the left I've swiped them once and on the right I've swiped them enough for the colour to become apparent. 
Shade (sunny)
Direct sunlight
And here is a picture of all of them. I got all of them on ebay and I am contemplating getting #5 and #9 just so I can have a couple of happy looking ones!

All in all, I think I am going to enjoy using them all spring and summer long!
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