Thursday, 24 May 2012

Oh! Look What Jubilee Delights...

... the postman brought in this morning!! The A-England Jubilicious set from the Jubilee Delights! I will be reviewing and swatching them later, but the weather is so nice, I couldn't resist snapping a shot!

In case you are wondering they are (left to right): Perceval, Morgan le Fay and Order of the Garter.

You can get either these or the Jubilove set in the special sale price from their website (free worldwide postage!)

PS- Had I bought the Jubilove set, I would have been compeled to have a title as cheesy as "And they called it Jubilove", post this along with it and then you'd be singing that sappy tune in your head all day! mwahaha!


  1. I haven't succumbed to A England yet, but I do like that set.

    1. I don't like metallic polish, I only like(-d) creamy reds and I was never really interested in holographic polish; A-England has turned things round for me. I have two of their holographic polishes which I absolutely adore and will be featuring soon now that it's sunny. As for these, you'll read more about it tomorrow, but I've been staring at my nails so much it's getting silly. They are so unique and so hard not to love, even if they are not the type of polish or the colours you usually go for.

  2. #And they called it...

    (Uh, nice polishes there. Swatch them so I can decide if I need them, please.)

    1. I am doing pretty designs on them now. I'll photograph them in the morning and by the evening they should be up. I love them, that's all I can say! It really is Jubilove!


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