Thursday, 9 February 2012

Birthday Manicure

It's my birthday!! Yay!! I did something a bit more fun and reminiscent of the carnival!
I've got no idea why the nail on my middle finger looks broke, it's not! Anyway the base colour is Miss Sporty - 455 and I used Stargazer Chrome polishes 236,234 and 237 (more details on these here) with Konad plate m63

And a song I've been singing all day! Gosh! Don't you just want to hug Big Mama from the moment she appears on stage? She's adorable! No amount of stylists can buy you this much attitude!
And Bow wow to you, too!


  1. It's beautiful, so many happy colors!

    Happy Birthday to youououou♥♥♥

  2. i truly believe that you were so willing to saw me that on your bday, it's a pity your freakin'camera is so blurry, grrrr!


    1. I fixed it! It's a little bit less blurry!! Next time we talk you might actually be able to see more than my blur! ♥


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