Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Comparison: W7 Metallic Mars, Nubar Iris Dust and Moon Eclipse (Moon Shadow)

Some time ago I found this pretty little multichrome, W7 - Metallic Mars. Lulled away by the beautiful colours I could see in the bottle, I took it to the counter straight away and failed to notice how similar it is to Nubar - Iris Dust. My dislike of having similar colours was not as fast as my 'pretty colours-must have' impulse, which was also assisted by the minimal price of £2. All that is of course to your benefit since I get to do this comparison so you don't have to be fall into the same trap I did. I added Moon Eclipse (former Moon Shadow) in the comparison just for reference. 

Open the pictures as a new tab if you want a closer look, all the pictures are taken under natural light. Let the madness begin! 

The verdict
Nubar Moon Eclipse is different enough, so I am going to focus on the other two. Consistency-wise Metallic Mars requires 3 layers while Iris Dust 4-5 for full opacity. Both colours have the same type of tiny shimmer particles I spoke about here, however, W7 Metallic Mars'base is a warmer tone than Nubar Iris Dust. When they are showing the pinkish colour, Iris Dust looks a tiny bit cooler than MM and when they are showing the golden colour, Metallic Mars looks bronzier. Frankly, even side by side you can see the differences are minimal, they are close enough to be considered dupes and I don't think you need both.

Have a nice day!


  1. So pretty! This is an awesome comparison. I have Moon Ecplise, I was wondering If I needed Iris Dust!

    1. Hi Nat! I have another comparison up with more of the Nubar duochromes ( you can find it at the sidebar on the right with the popular posts) where I explain in more detail the similarities between all of the Nubar duochromes that I have. Moon Eclipse, Iris Dust and a few more have exactly the same kind of shimmer in them and the only reason they look different is that they have different base colours. Moon Eclipse is significantly more pigmented than Iris Dust. I hope it helps!
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

  2. Instead of doing all of the coats, just put one or two coats over black. They are soooo pretty!

    1. As this is a comparison, I wanted to get the full effect of the polishes. When I paint my nails with them, I usually do it over dark colours, not just black. It brings out different tones depending on the base colour and you get slightly different effects, enought to get a polish enthousiast interested!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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