Thursday, 16 February 2012

Bottle Comparison: Orly - Pixie Dust and Nite Owl

When Orly released the Winter 2011-12 'Birds of a Feather' collection I was excited about one polish, Nite Owl, because everybody kept saying that it's like a beige 'Pixie Dust'. 'Pixie dust' is one of the polishes from the Summer 2009 collection 'Once Upon a Time' and it is my favourite light grey polish. It has gorgeous glass flecks in which give it an unusual texture and glow, without being sparkly. The promise of a beige version had me full of anticipation (every time I use this word, in my mind I pronounce it like this, am I the only one?)

Unfortunately, it wasn't so; Nite Owl doesn't have the asymmetric glass flecks of Pixie Dust, but a rich fine silver shimmer. Don't get me wrong, I still love it! Nite Owl is beautiful on, again it's not sparkly and it doesn't give you the trouble that sparkly polish gives you when you try to remove it. It's just not 'IT'.

Here's some bottle comparisons of the two polishes. The light grey is Pixie Dust and the beige is Nite Owl.

 (natural light)

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