Monday, 6 February 2012

Comparison: Stamping with Stargazer Chrome Polishes

I really like using Stargazer Chrome Polishes for stamping, evident by the fact that I got them all, and I wanted to do this comparison between them for a friend. I hope this explains the ugliness of the mani. I was trying so hard to find designs that would make both chrome colours apparent, yet not cover either of them too much that I didn't even notice how incompatible the designs are till after I did it! I guess I was too caught up in the details to notice the 'big picture'! Haha!

The base colour is Essie - School of Hard Rocks and the Chrome polishes are: 
232 - silver (the one I think is best and reach for most of the time)
233 - silvery blue chrome
234 - pinky chrome
235 - violet purple chrome
236 - deeper blue chrome
237 - gold (this is not that great on light and medium colours, but works best on dark as you can see here  and here).

You can find all of them here.

(all pictures were taken under artificial light)

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