Saturday, 31 March 2012

Comparison: Sleek Rose Gold - Sleek Lace (Guipure) Blushers

Ever since Sleek came out there's been a lot of fuss around their products for being good in spite of their low price. I was in Superdrug yesterday and I though I'd give the blushers a try.

Rose Gold is their most famous colour for being a dupe of Nars - Orgasm and having that peachy-pink colour that is universally good (=for all skin colours) and the golden sheen that is very fashionable these days. I also noticed there was a similar colour in one of the new Blusher By 3 palettes, Lace (367), Guipure. Guipure is softer as a colour and peachier than Rose Gold, but they both have the same amount of sheen to them. Both are very pigmented and soft, but unfortunately I am not at all keen to this much sheen in any blusher. I like a more natural-but-better look and I always think that products that are terribly 'in' and duped left and right at any one point will make pictures and videos one might take look so terribly 'old fashioned' after a while, so I think I'll pass.

Here's a few swatch pictures for those of you who might be interested. All of them were take under natural mid-day sunlight with varying degrees of light/shadow.

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