Thursday, 22 March 2012

My Pride and Joy: Speckled

For a very long time I have wanted a polish that has particles in but isn't shimmery or sparkly. I wanted a speckled polish. I have seen a couple this year by Misa and one by Orly and , while I am hoping there's going to be more eventually, they weren't speckled enough for me.

Tired of waiting for somebody else to bring out what I wanted, I decided it to make it myself and here it is, a pinkish nude base with lots of black speckles that neither shimmer nor shine! The colours I picked were Ciate - My Fair Lady and Guppy - 33. My Fair lady is a very sheer nude/pink french nail type of colour and guppy is and Guppy 33 is a very pigmented pinky beige. I wanted to keep the colours light because the addition of the black speckles would make it look darker. Also, the texture without a topcoat is a bit uneven (first picture) but it improves with a layer of topcoat(second picture) and is smooth with a second layer, especially if it's thick (forgot to take a picture). Here it is, my sweet Speckled!

Natural Light (shade)

Artificial Light
Before mixing

Speckled and friends

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