Friday, 23 March 2012

Nubar Spring 2012: Toasted Marshmallow

In the Nubar Spring 2012 Jellybeans collection Toasted Marshmallow (NJB263) was considered by some the least wanted colour. Well, I'm most definitely not one of them; when I saw it, it was a 'halleluja' moment! I have been looking for a colour like this for so long that I had to get it as soon as possible. It's been with me for the last month and I've been using it for so many manicures that you will grow tired of seeing! Haha! Before I start the madness though, here is the colour itself.

I would describe it as a muted goldenrod yellow, like you mixed a bit of brown to dampen the goldenrod a little bit. It is not the most amazing colour on its own, especially not on fingers like mine where I have a lot of red pigment on my fingtips, but it doesn't make them look bad. It's not giving me lobster hands like a green would, a problem I've had with similar colours that have green in them. It's a subtle, easy to wear 'confiture de lait' colour.

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